Back to it


What does this picture have to do with my blog? Nothing. I just think it’s hilarious.


Well, here I go again. It’s been a while, no?
If you have read my ‘about me’ page you’ll notice the one person who is a daily inspiration to me, my wife, hence me writing to you all again. I had hung up the writing hat and let it collect dust, but due to my wife’s unending encouragement, I grab that hat to begin again.
I can not begin to tell you how many times I have restarted this blog. To be honest, most of it seemed forced for me at first, trying to put myself in to a mold that I thought would be best. Once again, the wise words of my woman come to mind “It should’t feel forced. Do what comes naturally to you.” Naturally, I am a man of few words. However, there is something that I absolutely love to do. Teach. I am passionate about learning and when I learn something, I have to teach it to others. Bing. Lightbulb.                           This blog will be just that. A reflection on what I have learned from life, the Bible, people, mistakes, books…

So join me. Grow with me.
3 ‘betters’ I expect as I continue this blog:

>become a better husband
>>get in to better shape
>>>be a better writer

What do you expect?